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Sun PSB Bio Fertilizer (Bacillus Megaterium)

The prolonged use of Phosphatic Fertilizers is our soils made it phosphorous rich soils, but the most of the phosphorous is in insoluble inorganic form. The microorganisms in are soil and rhizosphere Bacteria that can benefit plant by different Sun PSB mechanisms.
The Phosphorous in soil is in the form of organic Phosphorous. A large proportion is present in insoluble forms, and therefore not available for plant nutrition, To convert insoluble Phosphate (both organic and inorganic) to a soluble form, Phosphorous solubilizing bacteria are required and there are some of the best known PSB in , which can fix 25-35 kgs of Phosphorous Sun PSB in a single cropping season. The bacteria in on reaching the soil gets activated and produce multiple by utilizing the Sun PSB carbon source in the production of organic acids by the microorganisms. These acids not only improve soil fertility but also promote plant growth.
Seeds or soil inoculation with phosphate solubilizing organism is known to increase the uptake of phosphorous by plants, increased growth and yield of all types of Cereals, Vegetables, Maize, Sugarcane, Fruits, Flowers, Coffee and Tea etc. to the extent of 10-20%.

Benefits of Sun PSB:

1) It converts insoluble phosphorus available in the soil to soluble form & make available to plants.
2) It saves Phosphorus @25-35 Kg./ Hectare.
3) It increases crop productivity by 10-20%
4) It enhances the roots development to maintain plant health.
5) It also helps to increase soil fertility.
6) Due to its residual effect, it is beneficial for next crop.

Application Procedure:

It can be used from 5-8 kg of Sun PSB in 50kg of well rotten FYM and broad cast on one acre of land and irrigate the field immediately. 1-2kg in 50Kg of well rotten FYM and broad cast on one acre of land and irrigate the field immediately.


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