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Rhizosun – Bio Fertilizer (Rhizobium)

Bio-fertilizers are commonly called as microbial inoculants, which are capable of mobilizing important nutritional elements in the soil from nonusable form by the crop plants through their biological processes for the last one decade, Bio fertilizers are used extensively as an eco friendly approach to minimize the use of chemical fertilizers, improve soil fertility status and for enhancement of crop production by their biological activity in the rhizosphere. Now has produced a unique bio-fertilizer for the farmers, which not only promotes crop growth but also enriches the soil by Unisun Agro Pvt. Ltd. improving fertility of soil through microbial activity.

Biological nitrogen Fixation in association with Rhizoson is one of the most important means of converting large quantities of nitrogen in air and making it available to the plants. The bacteria in Rhizoson colonize plant cells within root nodules, here the bacteria convert atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia and then provide organic nitrogenous compounds such as glutamine or ureides to the plants.

Rhizoson one litre can Fix 80-100kgs of nitrogen per hectare in one crop season and can leave behind substantial quantities of nitrogen in soil for succeeding crops. In one crop Rhizoson can leave behind 25-30 Kg of nitrogen per hectare for succeeding crop.

Rhizoson can increase yields from 15-20%. Max Power not only provides nitrogen but also promotes the availability of micronutrients to the crop.

Benefits of Max Power:

1) It promotes the seed germination, So it can be used as seed treatment for better germination and crop stand.
2) It promotes overall growth of crop.
3) It promotes better root formation and hence better nutrient uptake from soil.
4) It prevents Flower and fruit dropping.
5) It reduces the dependence on chemical fertilizers.
6) By using Rhizoson on can get higher yield with better quality of produce.


For Bersim and Pulses: Rhizoson 200-250 ml Rhizoson in 150-200 liter of water and spray on one acre. Repeat 2-3 times after every 20-25 days.
For Soil Application: Mix 500 ml of Rhizoson mix within 40-50 kg of Farm YardManure or any Compost.
Precaution: Max Power should not be mixed with insecticides, fungicides or weedicides. For seed treatment it is to be done last, when seeds are treated with pesticides. Spray of Rhizoson should be at the time of morning or evening. There should be suficient amount of moisture in the Field. Before spraying Rhizoson Spray pump should be cleaned properly.


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