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The bacteria in Azosun (Azospirillium) are an associative symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacterium, having higher Nitrogen fixing potential. It is known to fix the considerable quantity of nitrogen in the range of 20-40kgs nitrogen per hectare in the rhizosp here in non-leguminous plants such as cereals, millets oilseeds, cotton etc. The efficiency of as a bio-fertilizer has increased Azosun
because of its ability to induce abundant roots in crops considerable quantity of nitrogen fertilizer up to 20-30% can be saved by the use of Azosun.
Azospirillium in synthesizes considerable amount of biologically active substances like Gibberellic Acid Nicotinic Acid, Azosun Indole Acetic Acid and Vitamins. All these natural hormones/chemicals help the plants in better germination, early emergence and better root development.
Azosun also promotes an early tillering reproductive growth i.e. floral growth and increases the filling rate of grains. Azosun increases the grain yield by more than 25 percent.

Advantages of Azosun

1. can fix 20-30 Kg of nitrogen per hectare in one crop season and can leave behind substantial quantities of nitrogen Azosun in soil for succeeding crop.
2. produces growth promoting substance like IAA, GA, Cytokinins and Vitamins which have beneficial effects on crop Azosun growth.
3. can increase yield up to 20-30%.

Application Method:

Azosun can be used as soil application in nursery and minfield.
For Nursery: Mix 2Kgs of in 10Kgs of FYM or vermicompost and broadcast in the nursery area required for an acre Azosun main field.
Soil Application: Mix 5Kgs of in 15-20Kgs of FYM or vermicompost and broadcast in one acre.Azosun
For Seed Treatment: 4-5gms of sufficient for 1kg of seed.Azosun
For Root Dipping: Make a solution of 5 gms in 10Litre of water and dip the crop roots for 3-4 minutes and transplant.Azosun
Precaution: should not be mixed with insecticides, fungicides or weedicides.
For seed treatment it should be treated lastly.


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