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All crops require a balanced dose of each and every micronutrient. Amongst all nutrients zinc is an indispensable micronutrient for optimum plant growth and development. On an average more than 50% of the Indian soils are deficient in Zinc. Zinc can also play a major role in limiting uptake of other plant nutrients when there is deficiency both in the soil strata as well as in the plant system resulting in a drastic drop of yield.

Reason for Zinc Deficiency:

Plant nutrient deficiency occurs mainly due to: Intensive Cropping.
Due to leaching and fixation of nutrients in the soil strata.
High organic matter and clay content in some soils where suppression of uptake of Zinc takes place.
Newly formed and acidic soils hamper uptake of Zinc.
Application of major nutrients in huge quantities also inhibit uptake of Zinc resulting in expression of deficiency by a crop.
One of the most powerful nutrient elements, Unisun’s Chelated Zinc 12% with Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic acid (EDTA) ensure optimal utilization of Zinc for better growth and sustainable higher productivity of agricultural and  plantation crops on any one comparable product does.
Unisun’s EDTA based Chelated Zinc Containing 12% Zinc is so integrated in the purest form as to provide the plants not only physiological stimuli to overcome environmental stresses, but also activates relevant enzymes to produce more of the harvestable units per area in per unit of
Why Unisun Chelated Zinc 12% :
Unisun’s Chelated Zinc Plus, applied foliar or as soil application, ensures that the plant gets the maximum amount of needed Zinc with in the shortest possible time. It subsequently, unlike other sources, which make Zinc slowly, large amount of zinc does not get fixed. Unisun’s Chelated Zinc Plus ensure the maximal utilization of Zinc, irrespective of the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil. In brief Unisun’s Chelated Zinc Plus from comparable products. In other words, in Chelated form, 100% of Zinc applied (i.e. 12% in total) gets inserted into the plant whenever needed by the plant. This means Chelated virtually works as an injector not only for Zinc but also for other metals in Chelated forms as well.

Method of Application of Unisun Chelated Zinc 12%
In foliar applications, the best results are obtained from application of 200 gms of Unisun’s Chelated Zinc Plus in 100 liters of water per acre. The solution should be so applied as to cover both surfaces of leaves; So as to effect an even distribution of the spray fluid on the leaf surfaces, a small amount of wetting agent can be added.

Foliar application is highly economic and quickly eliminates zinc deficiency in all crops this being the standard rates of application for all crops.


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